Grupo de pesquisa acadêmica internacional, vinculado à ESPM - SP.

Vincenzo Cicchelli  /
Researcher of Gemass (Groupe des Méthodes d’Etude of l’Analyse Sociologique de la Sorbonne) / CNRS, and Youth Professor of Sociology of Youth at the University of Paris 4.



Sylvie Octobre

Researcher at the Department of Forecasting Research and Statistics of the Ministry of Culture and Communication of France, and at Gemass.



Viviane Riegel  Lattes  /   /

Researcher at ESPM-SP (Communication and Consumer Practices) and Goldsmiths College in London (Sociology).



Renato Vercesi Mader  Lattes  / /

Communication and Media Studies undergraduate lecturer at ESPM-SP and at Belas Artes. Master in Communication and Consumer Practices.



Wilson Roberto Bekesas  Lattes  /  /

Communication and Design undergraduate lecturer at ESPM-SP and at Anhembi Morumbi. PhD in Communication and Semiotics.



Joana Angélica Pellerano  Lattes  /

Food lecturer and researcher. PhD in Communication and Consumer Practices at ESPM-SP.

Gabriela Targat  Lattes  

Scientific Initiation Project Scholarship (2015). Undergraduate student of International Relations at ESPM-SP.