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The research group in Brazil is developing, in addition to the application of the instruments adapted from the international project, the study of three specific research lines:

1- Hybrid Cultural Consumption

Discussion of the reality of cultural consumption through different media platforms in the various aesthetic experiences of consumption, as cosmopolitan encounters mechanisms, mainly through the communicational reality of the entertainment market and cyberculture.

Keywords: cultural consumption, media platforms, aesthetic experiences, cosmopolitan encounters

Outcomes: Articles´ and presentations on ABCiber,  Ibercom

Project development: application of interviews, construction of videos by young Brazilians, and building of interactive platform among young people from different countries (Brazil and France initially)


2- Global Culture

Discussion of the cosmopolitan thinking in International Relations and of consumption of information and international experiences for the formation of global/local cultural repertoire and / or local level;

Keywords: global culture, international relations, international experiences


3- Global Brands, Lifestyles and Citizenship

Discussion of glocal symbolic consumption, mainly mediated by global brands as a means of reproduction of cosmopolitan lifestyles; within this reproduction process, there is the construction of a cosmopolitan posture of individuals, related to the political dimension, on its street relation with the exercise of citizenship.

Keywords: global brands, lifestyles, consumption, cosmopolitanism

Outcomes: Articles´presentations on ENEC, Comunicon and Ibercom

Project development: application of interviews, online community studies, international studies (London, New York, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Paris)